Walk In Chicken Coop - X-Large

  • Overall Dimensions: L 275cm x W 115cm x H 183cm

  • Larger walk in set up

  • Suitable for use as a cat/bunnies/guinea pigs house and run

  • Three access points

  • Timber composite roof with waterproof asphalt tile

  • Heavily galvanised mesh

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Walk In Chicken Coop (X-Large)


This Chicken Coop is the largest coop in the Four Seasons range. Tall enough for a full size adult to walk in and easily housing 6 chickens full time.
This Chicken Coop is versatile and can be used as a cat or rabbit enclosure.

Two Nesting boxes with Outside Access

The house has two solid perches and removable floor for easy cleaning. The roof lifts with hinges that click into place to allow for the roof to stay open independently. The roof is 100% waterproof, made from asphalt tiles. The nesting boxes are also child proof and lockable.

Top Quality materials

This Chicken Coop is manufactured from cedar stained fir. Materials are all animal friendly and treated with a UV and weather resistant coating. The wood is durable, termite resistant and also eco-friendly. Four Seasons have ensured that the timber used have come from sustainable forests (3 trees planted for every 2 trees taken).

Excellent Ventilation

There is a moveable panel on the rear wall of the coop to provide varying degrees of cross-flow ventilation. Regulate the climate to keep your chooks cosy on cooler days or provide some circulation in the warmer weather.

Highly Secured

There are two access doors with ramps. They are lifted and held in place by pad bolts when security is required at night. One at the front for access to the run and the other at the side for use when hens are being allowed to "free range."

Easy to Clean

The floor of the chicken coop is sectioned into three pieces making it easy to remove for cleaning. Through experience this design is the most practical and easy method of keeping the Chicken Coop fresh and clean.

Detachable Run

The run has loose pin hinges on the front access door. When in use as an extension on the house, the door is removed. When in use as a separate entity, the door is simply dropped back into place. The house and run are easily and securely joined by hooks. This design makes it easy to keep your chooks securely locked up in the house if required at night.
Access to the coop is via a sliding door at the side (see photos) allowing access to the coop from the run via a gently sloping ramp. The sliding door can be operated from the exterior of the set up. Walk in access is possible through the end door of the run. (see photos) “The door is not large, but I can access the run without a problem – I’m six foot and quite “old” Says our expert Graham.

Great DIY Home Project

The house/run comes flat packed in three cartons. Assembly instructions are enclosed - along with ALL necessary hardware (blots, screws etc). It takes about 1 hour to put each of them together and a screwdriver is all that is required!

Additional Info

Additional Info


Assembled Dimensions

Coop and Run Footprint Overall (Not Inc. Nesting Box at Side)

Length : 275cm
Width : 115cm
Height : 183cm


Length : 259.5cm
Width : 102cm

Coop / House

Length : 90cm
Width : 100cm
Height : 95cm

Nesting Box

Length : 85cm
Width : 33cm
Height : 40cm


Length : 65cm
Width : 50cm





Shipping dimensions (flatpacked)

Carton No.1

Length : 181cm

Width : 62cm

Height : 12.5cm


Net Weight : 30.5kg

Gross Weight : 33.5kg


Carton No.2

Length : 184cm

Width : 104cm

Height : 11.5cm


Net Weight : 29kg

Gross Weight : 32kg


Carton No.3

Length : 181cm

Width : 90cm

Height : 16cm


Net Weight : 20.5kg

Gross Weight : 23.5kg



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